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As I have mentioned in an earlier post, I had a stroke at the age of 37, arguably the prime of one's life. I had been to Switzerland a few weeks before that, and had enjoyed many beautiful sights and sounds, and wonderful people. I was working very hard to accomplish my goals with my artists at the time. I was so busy I hardly had time to consider much else. I was using my executive skills at their finest. Throughout each busy day on tour I could remember our iternerary without forgetting a thing. As some would say a well oiled machine! But after the stroke, I had trouble remembering a simple task like whether I had walked into the kitchen earlier or what I had eaten for lunch that day. It was incredibly difficult to think. I had to strain to come up with the words I was trying to say. I wanted so desperately to be able to function again. My calamity was out of my control, just where God wanted it to be. He knew I needed him more than anything and as a result I began to rely on his mercy. At first it was an awareness of something I had lost, then slowly more and more my Lord would hand feed me like a sparrow. I became completely reliant on the Lord and coming to a closeness that without having suffered, I believe would not have been the same. I am grateful for the destruction that came in my life, for I was blessed to live closer to Jesus than I otherwise would have. I encourage you to pray to Jesus today, right now, and ask him to heal you.

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