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How To Jingle Clean®

This is my Research & Development team, Millie & Gino! Puppies have many accidents until they reach maturity. These two have provided pet stains of which I am able to remove safely with Jingle Clean and know they will not have to encounter any toxic chemicals in their reach. They can lick the area cleaned by Jingle Clean® and remain safe due to the all natural ingredients used to formulate Jingle Clean®! Just one of the many reasons to use Jingle Clean® is safety for your pets and you, and at the same time, it is so powerfully effective at removing tough stains! Jingle Clean® also is an effective deodorizer, without any perfumes or smells of it's own. Jingle Clean® and puppies go together like salt & pepper! Naturally Powerful! Be sure to check out our video page on the menu for how to use Jingle Clean® to remove tough stains.

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