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Jingle Clean®
All Natural Stain 

Safely removes stains and odors!

26 oz Jingle Clean Spray Bottle


Jingle Clean® does exactly what it says it will do! CLEAN! It removes all types of stains from carpet, upholstery, and clothes among many other stained items in your home, office, or automobile. Jingle Clean® especially works great on pet stains or the wide variety of stains children may discover. Jingle Clean® is clear, and has no dyes or perfumes, so there is no difficulty breathing wile removing stains!  Check it out and start shopping today!

Jingle Clean® uses
Jingle Clean Purse Size_edited.jpg
Jingle Clean Purse Size_edited.jpg


Welcome to Jingle Clean®! Truly an authentic miracle, inspired by God,from tragedy to glory!

My name is John Bumgardner and I invented Jingle Clean®! Jingle Clean® is an all natural stain remover / deodorizer, and cleaner that can be used on a variety of things. Jingle Clean® came into existence from an event some would call tragic, but I know it as a miracle.

I was a professional musician performing with a major recording artist in the 1990's. I was also an artist manager, managing well known recording artists. At the height of my career, I had been diagnosed with high blood pressure. I was prescribed a blood pressure medicine and told by my doctor to take a pill before I went to bed for the night. This is the first part of the miracle that occurred, which was waking up the next morning. I awoke unable to open my eyes, and when I finally got them open, I saw my body was swollen beyond belief. I was immediately foggy in my thoughts because I had had a stroke. I soon realized I couldn't remember much at all. I couldn't remember how to play music anymore. But God is good! After several months, I was able to start playing again a little at a time. About every six months I would have what I called an awakening. The first one I distinctly remember was the time I was taking a walk outside my home and for the first time since the stroke I heard the birds and insects making what sounded like music to me! I took that as a sign that I would be able to play my instruments again. The second miracle was receiving the gift of playing again but this time as only God could do, better than before. As these awakenings continued to occur, I soon realized I was having invention ideas, I had never had before. This is how Jingle Clean® came into existence. Only God could inspire a cleaning solution that is so powerful to take out stubborn stains and yet be so safe! I am in awe every morning I wake up at the power of Jesus Christ! Grateful is an understatement for the love I received from that life altering moment in time. This blog will focus on the miracle that is Jingle Clean® and words of encouragement! May God bless all who read this!

Have a stain free day!


3125 Burr Rd, Springfield, TN 37172, USA


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