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Jingle Clean is an all natural stain remover made with food grade ingredients! Jingle Clean safely removes stains from carpet, upholstery, clothes, and other fabrics, and deodorizes with no perfume or any smell at all. Jingle Clean can also be used to clean bathrooms, sinks, and remarkably can dissolve mineral buildup clogging spigots, without any harsh chemicals! Chocolate, coffee, red wine, pet urine and many other stains are no match for Jingle Clean!

Jingle Clean®Spray Bottle

SKU: 866922000401
  • Directions: 

    1) Use a clean terry cloth towel to absorb excess stain.

    2) Spray Jingle Clean on stain thoroughly.

    3) Agitate area lightly.

    4) Blot stain with terry cloth towel until stain is completely gone.

    5) Repeat steps 2-4 if stain still appears.

    6) If a light stain should still appear, allow affected area to dry completely and the stain will likely fade away.

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